Floor pot for home garden

Given the growing demand for living space in cities and the need for healthy and safe eating, there is a trend to grow home gardens that take up little space to produce vegetables or aromatic and medicinal plants.

Pepo Home & Garden pots offer the perfect solution for "Do It Yourself" home gardens. Whether you're looking for food security, doing a DIY project, or simply beautifying a space, our planters are ideal for maximizing spaces in urban environments and achieving a green home.

Transform Urban Spaces into decorative gardens or home gardens.

Most people live in cities, where space to grow their own food is at a premium. However, with our textile pots for home gardens, planting in these urban environments is now a simple activity available to everyone and also very rewarding. Turning your home into a "green wall" not only promotes food security, but also contributes to ecological self-consumption.

Advantages of Our Textile Pots over Traditional Pots

Our textile pots offer several advantages over traditional plastic, ceramic or clay pots:

  1. Higher production yield : Our pots avoid the circular rooting that occurs with conventional pots. They promote the growth of small roots that improve the absorption of moisture and nutrients, increasing the efficiency of the plant.

  2. Better oxygenation and heat release : The porous fabric of our pots allows for greater oxygenation of plants, helping to keep them at room temperature and releasing heat efficiently.

  3. Accelerated flowering time : Our natural materials can shorten flowering times, allowing you to enjoy your garden in full bloom more quickly.

  4. Maintains a cool temperature : Unlike plastic pots, our textile pots keep roots cool, even in extreme weather conditions.

  5. Greater soil aeration : Our pots retain moisture efficiently and promote soil aeration, reducing plant stress.

  6. Easy to transport and store : Pepo Home&Garden textile pots are made of a special fabric that can be washed and folded to save space.

Every gardener, from the professional landscaper to the amateur garden builder, will find our textile pots the perfect solution for their vertical garden project. Turn your space into a beautiful green garden with Pepo Home & Garden textile pots.

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